Little Pigs: destroy their houses with free spins!

The three little pigs, who have now grown up nicely, wish to take their ultimate revenge. Determined to get their hands on the big bad wolf and to punish him for the many humiliations they have suffered, the brothers – who have finally updated their wardrobe – are now on the hunt for the infamous predator. Produced by the publisher Leander Games, the Little Pigs slot machine is made up of 5 reels and 25 paylines and recontextualizes the original Disney studios’ tale. Indeed, this new adventure takes place in our time. The three Little Pigs are dressed just like us; one can even say that they have a rather swaggy look. Above all, they will use various modern tools in their quest for revenge!

The Three Pink Musketeers are back!

Everyone has already seen Walt Disney’s tale, The Three Little Pigs. At the time of writing, the big bad wolf, the villain of the story, has certainly gotten wrinkles – or at least lost one or two canines. The poor guy doesn’t know what awaits him, because his former favorite scapegoats, the three little pigs, intend to make him pay for his contempt and cruelty. They have done everything in their power to find him. Wanted” posters stapled on the trees of their new neighborhood, sketches issued by the local police, cell phones to communicate with witnesses, really, the big bad wolf has a lot to worry about. It makes you wonder if you don’t rather want to defend the cause of the carnivorous mammal.

  • With 25 paylines, the video slot at Leander Games Studios has all the potential to get your attention. Indeed, it conceals a maximum jackpot of $5,000! 
  • In order to try to win this amount, users can bet between 25 cents and 250$ per round. 
  • With chips ranging from 1 cent to $10, everyone can have fun on a budget. 
  • It’s nice to see that Leander Games doesn’t do things by halves and thinks of all the players. 
  • Note that an “Auto Play” mode is also available.

A classy pigsty!

In addition to being fun in terms of theme and gameplay, the Little Pigs video slot has many surprises in store for you. For one, the Wild symbol is a real first because any one of the three pigs will play the role! Each piglet has the ability to take the place of the standard symbols to increase the player’s winnings. It will also offer a multitude of additional free spins to players! Finally, only the game’s Bonus icon will be able to withstand the beneficial effects of the Wild symbol. Represented by the sheriff, Little Pigs’ Wild symbol will take you to the ultimate chapter where you can finally cleanse the players.

Advantages of the game

  • An offbeat and quite funny universe!
  • Get ready for 5 000$ of junk food !
  • Become a fan of the free mud tricks!

Disadvantages of the game

  • The eternal 1 token per line Leander Games!
  • Combining piglets will be difficult in multiplier!

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