Betting on the pentathlon. Is it worth betting on the modern pentathlon?

The pentathlon is quite a spectacular sport. It combines five disciplines:

  • show jumping
  • fencing
  • swimming
  • running
  • shooting

Competitions are held in each of the listed sports.The modern pentathlon was included in the Olympic program in 1912. The first modern pentathlon championship was held in 1949. All results go into the overall standings. Recently the International Federation of Modern Pentathlon combined shooting and running. Athletes compete over a distance of 3,000 meters. Competitors must cross four shooting ranges with targets. Shooting is done with laser pistols. In many ways, the features of this stage of the pentathlon are similar to biathlon.

Features of bets on the pentathlon

As a rule, bookmakers accept bets on the pentathlon during major tournaments: World and European championships, as well as the Olympics. Bets are accepted on the winners and medalists in the overall standings and in individual disciplines. In the slates you can find bets on the winner with handicaps, as well as on the total in fencing on points and games.

Each discipline has its own leaders, who may show mediocre results in other sports. More often than not, the final high place is taken by “all-rounders”. These are those athletes who show consistent results in all disciplines. They do not necessarily have first place in individual sports.

  • Sometimes it happens that an athlete performs very well in swimming, running and shooting, but fights poorly in fencing. 
  • Therefore, one should distinguish well between bets on the winners in individual disciplines and in the overall standings. 
  • Often the odds on the same competitors differ considerably from sport to sport and on the overall winner.

It should be kept in mind that the level of condition and degree of preparedness for different sports can vary greatly from athlete to athlete. Bad or mediocre results in not very prestigious competitions do not always reflect the real level of the athlete.

In general, sensations often occur in pentathlon. 

Most likely, for this reason, many bookmakers are reinsured and introduce quite large margins at various competitions. For the same reason, they often reduce the maximums for betting in individual disciplines. Often the maximum for them is 300 c.u. It is not always possible to find offices with higher maximums. It can be done only during the World Championships and Olympic Games.

To have a stable profit on betting on such sport as modern pentathlon, it is necessary to know exactly what form the leaders are in. It is important to know what results the athletes have shown in the current months. They often determine the success or failure of future tournaments.

Individual Sports

Very promising are bets on individual sports in pentathlon. Often you can find very good odds in their lists. If you know the state of the players, their motivation for a particular tournament, you can make the right choice and bet on favorable positions. Particular attention should be paid to bets on “who is higher” and on the winners of personal duels in fencing. In this case, knowledge of the results of personal duels of athletes in previous competitions, as well as the level of preparation at the moment will come in handy.

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