Cricket betting. Why are cricket bets so profitable?

Cricket appeared back in the early 18th century in England. In 1900, cricket was included in the official program. However, due to the peculiarities of the rules, it did not take root. Some meetings were too long, which put the organizers in a difficult situation.

Features of cricket

Cricket matches take place on an ellipse-shaped grass field. In the center, there is a playing field 20 meters long and 3 meters wide. Each team has 11 players. Their task is to score as many points as possible using bats. The bats send the ball to certain areas and the players catch it by moving around the field.

Types of cricket betting

Cricket is most popular in England, Australia and the United States. Betting houses from these countries provide good opportunities for betting on this sport. European bookmakers also include cricket in their lines, but the number of positions in the spread is rather limited.

The most popular bets on the victory. Despite the fact that in cricket draws happen, bookmakers do not bet on such an outcome. If there will be a draw in the match, the bettor will get back the money bet.

Many betting shops accept bets on the total points of players. There are players who perform the batting of the ball. They are also called bowlers. They tend to score the most points for their team. Bookmakers include in the rosters several bowlers from each team for betting on individual totals. Bets on match and set totals are also accepted.

  • Foreign bookmakers accept bets on total runs (successful runs of players) and on the winner and medalist of tournaments.
  • Betting on cricket is accepted both before the start of the duels, and in the course of.

Features of cricket betting

A feature of cricket is that one meeting can last for several days (of course, with a break). Therefore, in such matches the physical shape of the players plays a major role. If you decide to bet on the course of the game, always keep an eye on the performance of the players in different periods of matches in long matches. It can happen that the team starts out really well and the players score well, but in the dying stages of the game their passion fades, and the points are given with great difficulty. This may indicate the lack of physical fitness of key players.

One should also take into account the teams’ calendar. Sometimes teams have to play several away games. During these games, fatigue builds up, and they often approach the next game in poor condition. This has a negative effect on the final result. In these cases, many decent teams often have problems even with the underdog.

Weather conditions greatly affect the game. On a good and dry field it is much easier to perform technical moves than in rainy weather. The more skilled teams tend to do better on good fields.

In cricket, it is better to bet on matches that pitches more or less equally divided. The odds are higher for these matches. It is better to bet on the course of the match on totals or on handicaps. But in any case, it is necessary to understand the basic nuances of the game, get a closer look at the teams and only after that make a decision to bet.

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