How to Win a Slot Machine

In order to fully understand this section you must have FULLY read before the section:

Slot Machine Behavior

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  • Winning money at slot machines with Strategy is like saying “Play Smart” on a slot machine.
  • It sounds simple but 98% of slot machine players lose and only 2% cash out 100% of the winnings, is it because of luck in your opinion?
  • Certainly not in 100% of the cases, but rather in 20% of the cases it’s because of luck (1 time out of 5) and in 80% of the cases it’s because of playing without rules.
  • The losers play on a slot machine following their instinct and the others (the 2% winners) play with strategy.

In order to understand the behaviour of the winner, it is first necessary to understand why the loser does not win.

Typical case of a loser:

  • The loser discovers a method on a site of “charlatans” and immediately opens an account in a casino, pays the 100% of his gambling capital, plays a little and 10 minutes later he is washed out, the case is settled.
  • Then this player says to himself “I’m out of luck” …
  • You see it’s very simple to lose like that.

Now to make a winner you have to :

1) Don’t play with instinct but play with a method and a defined ceiling and stick to it.

2) Don’t play in only one casino, this is much too risky, you risk losing 100% of the capital, whereas by having divided your slot machine capital into 5 or 10 casinos you risk only 10% to 20% of the capital and above all you fight at the beginning against the risk of hanging on after a slot machine.

The most common example is the stock market, all stock market traders diversify their stock portfolio on several companies and not all their capital on one company, in case of bankruptcy of this one they would be ruined (those who made it cry today).

Well at the slot machines in a casino it’s the same thing.

3) Don’t want to play 200% every day before you have fully assimilated the behavior to behave in relation to each type of slot machine,

4) Do not panic, in the worst case if you make a mistake or encounter a problem only “x%” of the capital will be played (depending on the number of casinos in which you play, and do not try to make up for this loss immediately.

It doesn’t matter because if you followed our capital dispersal advice you lost only 10% of the capital so in truth you lost at most one day’s profit which will be made up the next day. By following the dispersal advice you avoid stress and only take pleasure in the slot machines.

Summary: Now that you are informed, you can go out and win on a slot machine and have fun.

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